Cenpatico of Arizona, the regional behavioral health authority for Santa Cruz County, announced it is giving more than $11,000 in grants to two Nogales area organizations.

The funds will help support community programs and purchase equipment and supplies, Cenpatico said.

The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension was given $7,560 in grant funds to purchase video cameras and computers for the Santa Cruz County Family Resource Center.

Little Red School received $4,180: $980 for a desktop computer and $3,200 for printing and art supplies that will be used for brochures, posters and newsletters to teach kids about mental illness, prevention and how to seek help.

The grant awards are part of $422,000 that Cenpatico is giving throughout Arizona, the organization said.

“Cenpatico believes in investing in the communities we serve,” said Cenpatico of Arizona CEO Terry Stevens. “These awards are part of our commitment to improving the lives of local residents.”