The Nogales City Council passed a resolution Wednesday that serves as the first step to proclaiming Nogales an “Immigrant Welcoming City,” and expresses the council members’ opposition to the remaining provisions of Arizona’s immigration law known as SB 1070.

The resolution affirmed the council’s support for maintaining public safety “for all people living and traveling within the City of Nogales regardless of their immigration status.”

The resolution also committed the council to “facilitating a community-wide dialogue” in order to follow in the footsteps of the City Commission of Dayton, Ohio, which voted in 2011 to provide a welcoming environment for immigrants.

The resolution has been in the works for the past several weeks, with Mayor Arturo Garino alluding to it last month when a busload of Catholic nuns visited the border fence in downtown Nogales on a nationwide tour to call for reform of immigration laws.

In August, the Tucson City Council declared its opposition to SB 1070 and proclaimed Tucson’s status as an “Immigrant Welcoming City.” The resolution passed by the council urged a citywide dialogue to make Tucson more inclusive, according to an Aug. 8 report from the Arizona Daily Star.