Police in Nogales, Sonora this week stumbled across six citizens of India who were reportedly waiting to cross illegally into the United States, and then arrested two people who were allegedly conspiring to help them do it.

Municipal police were investigating the robbery of a store in the San Carlos neighborhood on Thursday morning when they came across a group of males outside a home on Calle San Juan Sur, said Police Chief Miguel Angel Portillo Lugo. However, when the officers tried speaking to some of the men, they realized that they didn't understand Spanish.

At that point, a local couple came out of the home and said they were watching over the group.

The couple, identified as 24-year-old Carmen Ibarra Cejudo and 30-year-old Francisco Molina Valenzuela, reportedly said they had charged the six Indians $50 apiece for food and lodging at their home. They said they had planned to deliver them to some “polleros,” or migrant smugglers, on Thursday night so they could be smuggled into the United States.

Ibarra and Molina were arrested on human smuggling charges and were awaiting an appearance in front of a federal prosecutor. The Indians were being held as witnesses against them.

The Indians, ages 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 and 43, reportedly showed government-issued visas granting them permission to be in Mexico. They originally arrived in the country at Cancun on March 3.