Farmacia Benavides opened a new location in Nogales, Sonora.

The event was attended by General Director, Mr. Walter Westphal Urieta, Operations Director, Mr. Ramiro Garza, as well as Mr. Fernando Benavides and Regional Director, Roberto Valenciano.

Walter Westphal congratulated the employees' efforts in achieving their goals for the proposed deadline and asked to continue on the same path of hard work to achieve even more successes.

Farmacia Benavides-Campillo with its grand opening counts with more than 540 stores in 17 different states of Mexico, serving an average of 130 million customers a year, becoming the most important pharmaceutical chain in Mexico.

With Peru and Chile as its markets with more than 291 stores in both countries, Farmacia Benavides adds an average of 61 million customers each year.

Farmacia Benavides plans to open even more stores around the country and continue to improve with top technology in the pharmaceutical field, the quality of their products and their customer service.

This is why Farmacia Benavides is constantly training its employees and improving their stores. Proof of this is its Nogales branch; with plenty of space, a pleasant environment and friendly employees. Farmacia Benavides - Campillo is located in Calle Ju‡rez and Obreg—n and Farmacia Benavides - Nogales is located in Avenida Obreg—n and V‡squez in Nogales, Sonora.