Food Trucks of Santa Cruz County

Mobile food trucks have become a booming phenomenon in recent years, with hundreds springing up in cities across the United States and sales clearing $1 billion last year, according to one industry publication.

In Santa Cruz County they have long been a fixture of the food scene, with some local food trucks dating back decades. There are currently around 30 active and permitted food trucks operating in the area, according to the county health department, though that number has been as high as 60 in recent years.

The NI’s three reporters, Norma Gonzalez, Paulina Pineda and Murphy Woodhouse, have been tasked with checking out local food trucks to give readers a sense of what’s out there as well as the people behind these popular and affordable dining options. Check out the interactive map below to see links to the trucks they've visited so far.

We’d also like to know what local food trucks you know and love, so that we can highlight them in this ongoing series. Send your suggestions to

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