Details for Person Filing: Melinda lorenia Limon Address: 218 W. Loma St


Person Filing: Melinda lorenia Limon Address: 218 W. Loma St Nogales AZ 85621 Telephone: 520-812-1157 Email: Representing Self, without a Lawyer Case No. Do-19-171 SUMMONS ARIZONA SUPERIOR COURT, SANTA CRUZ COUNTY Melinda Lorenia Limon, Name of Petitioner and Luis Armando Limon-Leyva Name of Respondent WARNING. THIS IS AN OFFICIAL DOCUMENT FROM THE COURT THAT AFFECTS YOUR RIGHTS. READ THIS CAREFULLY. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT, CONTACT AN ATTORNEY FOR LEGAL ADVICE. FROM THE STATE OF ARIZONA TO lUIS aRMANDO LIMON LEYVA. 1. A lawsuit has been filed against you. A copy of the lawsuit and other related court paperwork is served on ou with a Summons. 2. If you want a judgement taken against you without your input., you must file a Response in writing with the court, and you must pay the required filing fee. If you dont file an answer or a response the other party may be granted what was requested in his/her petition. Ti filed your Response, take or send the papers to: Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court, 2160 N. Congress, Nogales, Arizona 85621 or mail to PO BOc 1265, Nogales Arizona 85628. Mail a copy of the Response to the other party, the Petitioner, at the address listed on the top of this Summons. 3. If this Summons and the other court papers were served on you within the State of Arizona, your Response must be filed within TWENTY (20) CALENDAR DAYS from the date of the service, not counting the day of service. If the papers were served outside the State of Arizona, your Response must be filed within THIRTY (30) CALENDAR DAYS, not counting the day of service not counting the day you were served. Service by a registered process server or the sheriff is complete when made. Service by publication is complete thirty (30) days after the date of the first publication. 4. You can get a copy of the court papers filed in this case from the petitioner at the address listed at the top of the preceding page from the clerk of the Superior Courts customer service at 2160 N/ Congress Dr. Nogales, Arizona 85621 5. If this is an action for dissolution (divorce). Legal separation or annulment, either or both spouses may file a mediation to attempt to settle disputes. 5. Requests for reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities must be made to the court by parties at least 3 working days in advance of a scheduled court proceeding. GIVEN under my hand and the Seal of the Superior Court of the State of Arizona in and for the County of Santa Cruz this 18 day of June, 2019 JUAN PABLO GUZMAN CLERK OF THE SUPERIOR COURT By /s/: Luis Coronado Deputy Clerk Publication: Nogales International Dates: 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, 11/8