“I’m really pleased with this show because there is a very wide variety of art,” gallery director Janice Johnson said of the ongoing 48th Annual Members Show at Hilltop Gallery in Nogales.

Indeed, the show includes oil and acrylic paintings, sculptures, photography, stained glass, a quilt, and even a stuffed animal.

And the 33 participating artists, who hail from communities stretching from Ambos Nogales to Tucson, also come from a variety of ages and experience levels, from students and adults who create art in their spare time, to professional artists.

Johnson said that despite the differences, there are compelling commonalities between some of the works.

Pointing to “Cuauhtémoc, Last Aztec Emperador,” an oil portrait done in a traditional style by Anastacio Salido, hanging side-by-side with an abstract, untitled oil painting by Alma Grambs, she noted their similar palettes.

“Look at the colors and how they blend. I just think it’s wonderful,” Johnson said.

She pointed out a similar connection between “Frida,” a Mexican folk art portrait by Lucia de la Fuente, and the untitled abstract painting by Isabel Galindo hanging below it.

Other eye-catching works include a large, bright-red contemporary metal sculpture by Lee Blackwell called “Heart of Fire,” a neon-colored acrylic mosaic of pop culture imagery by Robert White called “In the Time Before COVID,” and a photo-art piece by James Schrimpf featuring two sleeping cherubs superimposed over the the East International Street border wall in Nogales.

Visitors perusing the exhibit are followed by the sea shell eyes of an abstract bust created out of wood/ceramic/glass by Faith Posey. It’s called “Homage to Origins.”

Posey is well-trained in classic artistic technique, Johnson said, adding that as this sculpture shows, “she also has a streak of whimsy, and every once in a while comes up with something that’s very, very different.”

The 48th Annual Members Show opened on Oct. 18 at Hilltop Galley and will remain on display through Nov. 13. The gallery, located at 730 Hilltop Drive, is open to visitors from 12:30-4:30 p.m., Wednesday-Saturday, and there is no entrance fee.

Call (520) 287-5515 for more information.

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