Late last Friday afternoon, aromas from the copal tree wafted through Morley Avenue. That was thanks to Papalotl Iztac, who sells artisan jewelry each week at the Nogales Mercado Farmer’s Market. She can also be spotted burning incense, made from resin of the copal tree – a practice traced back to pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples.

Iztac told the NI she’s been hosting the pop-ups for a few months – the handmade bracelets and earrings, along with the incense, are a tribute to her Mexica and Purepecha heritage. Iztac, who moved to Nogales, Sonora as a child, said she finds solace in revisiting her roots.

“I really like connecting myself with the ancestors,” Iztac said last Friday. “With the legacies they left us. With all the ancestral heritage they left us. With their teachings, their traditions, the love of the elements.”

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