Meet and Greet

Attendees at the Meet and Greet for Promoting Healthy Students Initiative collect and share information.

More than 40 educators from around Santa Cruz County attended the Fifth Annual Meet and Greet for Promoting Healthy Students Initiative, an annual event meant to bring schools and agencies together to share information and create connections. It’s sponsored by the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office, Adolescent Wellness Network at Mariposa Community Health Center, and Coordinated Community Response Team.

This year’s event was held in the courtyard of the County Complex in Nogales, where 21 community agencies set up booths with information of services. According to a news release from the county government, Information ranged from health and wellbeing resources, to academic opportunities for students.

“This opportunity to network has brought help and hope to the students of Santa Cruz County because it helps makes school staff aware of resources that are available. Schools have been able to use these resources to help parents and students get the support they need”, said Teresa Sprigg, the grant director who oversees the event. The grant is from the U. S. Department of Justice.

Agencies that attended include Circles of Peace, U of A Cooperative Extension, Children’s Advocacy Center of Southern Arizona, Pinal Hispanic Council, CASA of Santa Cruz County, Mariposa Community Health Center, SEAGO, CCRT, Hope Inc., Community Health Associates Pima Community College, Santa Cruz County Attorney’s Office, Arizona @ Work, Community Medical Services, Arizona Complete Health, SEAHEC, Arizona Children’s Association, Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center, Boys and Girls Club, Arizona Youth Partnership and MiKid.

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