A group of local students unveiled their creative takes on life in Ambos Nogales when they presented the final products of a 12-week long program last Thursday, June 6, at the Pierson High School auditorium.

The event featured a total of eight short films, in addition to several photo essays and a podcast, that were created through the organization VozFrontera, an extension of the Southwest Folklife Alliance in collaboration with the University of Arizona.

“Some of (the students) told their own stories and some of them interviewed others about different things in Nogales like the wall, long waits (at the ports), gender in Nogales, and so forth,” said Cesar Lopez, one of the program coordinators.

The short films were part of two VozFrontera programs, “DocuNogales,” and “Barrio Stories,” both which aimed to provide an authentic representation of people and life in Ambos Nogales.

Lopez coordinated the “DocuNogales” program, and Marc David Pinate, producing artistic director for the Borderlands Theater, coordinated “Barrio Stories.”

The students “learned skills about how locals can tell their stories, from a local perspective, and celebrate the things we have here in Nogales,” Lopez said.

He added that the VozFrontera members are currently working to send their finished projects to the Pimeria Alta Historical Society and Museum, as well as creating a YouTube channel to share the videos for the public.

For more information, visit VozFrontera.org.


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