Isaiah Arana "Who Divide Us"

Isaiah Arana’s “Who Divide Us” album cover features this art piece by Jacqueline Andrade.

Nogales native Isaiah Arana recently produced and released his own music album on YouTube, offering a variety of songs inspired by his upbringing in the local community.

The “Who Divide Us” album features 10 ambient songs that Arana described as “dreamy and nostalgic.”

“When I think of a happy place or a place to get away from everything, I think of Nogales,” Arana, 25, told the NI about his source of inspiration. “I made these songs for people to feel like they can escape from life for a second.”

The front cover features a Vincent Van Gogh-style art piece created by Arana’s girlfriend and fellow Nogales native Jacqueline Marie Andrade, depicting the Ambos Nogales communities with the border barrier dividing them in half.

The pair worked together, discussing the best ways to create a project that would represent their home community, he said.

He explained that he wanted the cover and name of the album to make people pause and think about how the Ambos Nogales communities became divided, yet are still closely intertwined.

“I was scared to release this album for almost five months because I was scared of the quality or not having lyrics, but the second I put this album I knew it was the right thing to do,” he said. “Nogales is a very amazing place and I wish more people can see that.”

Listen to Arana’s album here, or search for “Who Divide Us” on Spotify.

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