The opening of the “We Are Artists” exhibit on June 9 at the Hilltop Gallery in Nogales attracted a crowd of visitors from around Santa Cruz County.

Guests were treated to artwork created by members of the Santa Cruz Training Programs, a Nogales-based organization that provides training and support for people with intellectual disabilities.

A number of the artists were on hand to show off their work.

In addition to admiring the exhibit, attendees also learned about the role the art played in the lives of the artists. A slide show featuring photographs of the artists at work at the Santa Fe Ranch was on display, and coordinators presented details about the program to the packed house.

Teaching artists from the Patagonia Creative Arts Association and the families of the participants also had the chance to share with each other what the project meant to them.

The art remained on display through June 14.

The organizers thanked the Santa Cruz Training Programs, Hilltop Gallery, the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Santa Cruz Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

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