Samantha Coronado

Samantha Coronado of Rio Rico is aiming for a career in the culinary field.

A college student from Rio Rico has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to support her continued education in the culinary arts.

Samantha Coronado, a first-year nutritional sciences student at the University of Arizona, was one of nine students from Arizona, Chicago and New York City chosen to receive the US Foods Scholars scholarship.

In addition to the funding, the new scholars will work alongside US Foods culinary professionals at industry events throughout the year, the Illinois-based company said in a news release.

Coronado is a 2018 graduate of Rio Rico High School.

“Samantha’s interest in the culinary arts was sparked by her love of the idea that food brings people together, and her appreciation of the art that comes with preparing a dish,” the news release said. “She saw this idea reflected in her family and culture, and began cooking at an early age when her mother showed her how to make a quesadilla.”

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