The Rio Rico High School Thespians will perform “Medusa’s Tale” at 6 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24.

The play, written by Carol Lashof, follows Perseus’ quest to slay Medusa, the monster with snakes for hair whose gaze turns foes to stone. Goddess Athena has given Perseus a sword, shield and warning about Medusa’s tricks, but he’s thrown for a loop when Medusa’s weapon of choice is a bedtime story about her life.

The RRHS production is completely designed, directed and executed by the school’s Thespian Honor Society.

“This group is our upper-level students who have all met the international requirements to be admitted into the honor society,” an announcement says. “At the moment, our society consists of 25 members, a quarter of the RRHS theatre program.”

Roberto Robles is the director and Elizabeth Grace Bailey is the head stage manager.

The performance will be held at the RRHS Cafetorium and admission is $5 for all. Tickets can be purchased at the door starting 40 minutes before the performance.

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