Employees of La Española Day Treatment Training for Adults (DTTA), part of the Santa Cruz Training Programs, were asked to do something creative for Christmas with simple materials. A plan then emerged to use tamale husks to make ornaments, and in April and May they started to create angels representing DTTA members. Their finished work is now displayed on a Christmas tree.

The DTTA is a program for people with physical and developmental disabilities, and while it closed its doors in mid-March due to the pandemic, it continued to provide at-home services. DTTA re-opened in October, though less than half its members are attending in person. Other families are waiting for the pandemic to ease.

“With great satisfaction we can say that all our members are still healthy and enjoying the outside activities,” Irma Babnew, La Española DTTA coordinator, wrote in a message. “We hereby wish you all a peaceful and Merry Christmas full of good health and a pandemic-free year.”

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