Ambos Nogales artists Tony Plak, Gerardo Frias and Priscilla Nefftys took their spray paints to the sides of buildings and storefronts in Nogales, Ariz. and Nogales, Sonora this summer to create a series of murals collectively known as “Nogalería” or “Nogallery.”

Two of the murals – a “Nogales” logo on the first block of Terrace Avenue and a depiction of jazz legend Charles Mingus on the second block of Arroyo Boulevard – were done on the Arizona side of the border. The rest, including those seen here, are on the Sonoran side, just south of the Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry.

Nogales, Sonora artists Jesus Ariel Ayala and Adrian Paz also collaborated with the team on a few murals along the Pasaje Morelos alleyway south of the border.

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