Robert Castagna, a photographer based in Boston, has been in the local area in recent days documenting the borderlands in the Nogales region as part of a residency at the Lowe House Project in Tubac.

On July 16, he followed Dr. Peter Brown and paramedic Pancho Olachea Martin as they visited asylum-seekers in Nogales, Sonora, providing medical care to the children who are waiting with their families to request asylum in the United States. What amazed him the most, Castagna said, was the resiliency and beauty of the children, in spite of the conditions and experiences they have been through. “What I hope to reveal is the humanity and joy that's inherent in these children,” he said. “It's been a very emotional experience for me."

To support the effort to care for asylum-seekers in Nogales, Sonora through local organization Voices from the Border, see

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