Air Arizona

The Air Arizona and Air Nogales apps provide hourly updated information about air qiuality.

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has launched new hourly air quality forecasts for the Nogales area on its Air Arizona and Air Nogales mobile apps.

ADEQ says the forecasts are meant to help residents and visitors better plan their outdoor activities through the day to minimize the impacts of air pollution.

“A team of meteorologists at ADEQ creates the hourly forecasts every morning,” said Daniel Czecholinski, the agency’s acting Air Quality Division director. “Our meteorologists provide expertise on the factors that affect air quality, producing a more accurate picture of how it fluctuates through the day and impacts people’s daily lives and that of their families.”

Available in English and Spanish from the Apple Store and Google Play, the Air Arizona app provides the following information for Nogales and surrounding areas:

• Hourly air quality forecasts for the next 5 days

• Alerts sent to a user’s device when a High Pollution Advisory or Health Watch is in effect.

• Tips on how to help improve air quality.

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