In a call to the Sheriff’s Office late last month, U.S. Border Patrol agents reported that undocumented foreign nationals had stolen some of their construction equipment in eastern Santa Cruz County.

The stolen material included large mesh rolls, large plastic tubing, boxes of rusted nails and several metal anchors, according to Lt. Gerardo Castillo of the Sheriff’s Office.

“It was not new construction material. It was discarded construction material that they had removed,” Castillo said, adding that it had been discarded about a year ago.

The Dec. 23 call came in just after 4 p.m. from the Kino Springs area, near where new stretches of the border barrier have begun being built.

Castillo said Border Patrol agents were able to see how events unfolded during the theft after the incident was caught on security footage.

“Border Patrol was able to see the subjects enter into the U.S. and get those discarded (materials). They were able to see them going back into Mexico and load a truck, then the truck left,” he said, adding that they weren’t able to identify any suspects.

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