Massee only applicant for city attorney

The municipal government has just one applicant left for the city attorney job, according to Mayor Arturo Garino.

Michael Massee, a deputy city attorney who has been filling the role on an interim basis since former City Attorney Luis Parra’s contract expired in April, is the lone candidate.

Parra also re-applied for the job, only to withdraw his application in May. He cited difficulty working with City Manager Frank Felix as the reason for his withdrawal.

Parra said on Tuesday he did not have any plans to re-apply in light of Felix’s resignation last week.

Garino said the city is still open to receiving more applications, but if none were received, he would consider filling the position by appointment.

ADOT offering to connect Bell, Mariposa roads

The Arizona Department of Transportation told city officials that it could build a connection between Mariposa Road and Bell Road as part of a larger project on Mariposa, also known as State Route 189.

Bell Road, an approximately half-mile-long dead-end roadway, runs parallel to Mariposa through an industrial area on the west side of the Interstate 19 interchange.

City Engineer Juan Guerra presented details of the project to the city council at a meeting last week, adding that while ADOT would cover the costs of paving the extension to Bell Road, the city would be responsible for all ongoing maintenance.

The city would also need to make additional improvements to the existing roadway related to grade, floodwater management and road width, which Guerra said would likely cost at least $2 million.

Further complicating the process is the fact that part of the existing Bell Road is private property, but Guerra said that the owner would be willing to donate the private section of the road to the city.

Jim Barr, whose real estate business is located on Bell Road, asked the council to accept ADOT’s offer and suggested that the extension could save money for the city in the long term by diverting tractor-trailers from Industrial Park Drive.

County requesting donation of 20 acres south of Calabasas Park

Santa Cruz County is asking the City of Nogales to donate 20 acres of city-owned land south of Calabasas Park in Rio Rico.

County Supervisor Manuel Ruiz told the city council at last week’s meeting that the county wants to develop the area with playing fields.

Deputy City Manager John Kissinger said the city had acquired land in the area for the related water rights, but Ruiz said the county is not seeking the water rights.

Ruiz added that the county would be willing to donate some land to the city, including a park with a basketball court in the Monte Carlo neighborhood. “If you want it… you can have it!” he said.

The council voted to authorize city staff to enter into negotiations about the land.

Parking prohibited on Turley soccer field

The mayor and council voted last week to prohibit parking on Ron Turley Soccer Field.

“We have to keep our fields in playing condition,” Garino said, adding that people affiliated with the Nogales soccer program had complained about the effect of parked cars on the playing field at Fleischer Park.

The soccer field is slated for improvements in the next year, according to councilmembers.

Councilman Jorge Maldonado requested that the parking ban be postponed so that people could park on the field during an upcoming Little League tournament, but his move was not supported by any other councilmembers.

City to sell isolated parcel

The city is poised to put an isolated plot of land up for sale.

The property lies between several private residences on MacNab Drive and the Esperanza multi-family development on Western Avenue, but does not have access to any roadway.

The owner of one of the adjacent properties on MacNab Drive – the Saavedra Family Trust – asked the city to put the land up for sale, according to city documents.

At a July 3 meeting, the council voted to authorize the city manager to accept bids on the property.


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