Minimum wage

A city worker trims the grass at the municipal cemetery on Friday morning, Sept. 16. After giving all employees a small pay increase earlier this summer – and significantly elevating the salaries of many of those at the top of the municipal pay scale – the Nogales mayor and council this week voted to raise the city's minimum wage from $13 to or $13.97 an hour. The move comes a few months before the state's minimum wage is set to rise from from $12.80 an hour to and estimated $13.85.

Starting Oct. 1, dozens of city employees will see a boost in their salaries.

On Tuesday, the mayor and council approved a measure to implement a minimum wage of nearly $14 an hour for municipal workers.

Montiel Bojorquez

Councilmembers Hector Bojorquez and Liza Montiel listen to discussion during the Sept. 13 meeting.

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