A total of 930 local residents took a COVID-19 test last weekend as part of the county’s first “testing blitz” event and the results have started rolling in.

County Health Services Director Jeff Terrell said on Thursday morning that the positive test rate is “about 7 or 8 percent” on the more than 800 results that had already arrived.

That single-digit percentage is significantly lower than the county’s overall positive rate for the PCR test that detects active COVID-19 infections. That number was 27.4 percent on Thursday, according to Arizona Department of Health Services data.

Terrell previously said that one goal of the blitz events was to lower the county’s overall positive rate, which is by far the highest among Arizona’s 15 counties.

The county reported a total of 2,582 cases on Thursday, up 158 from a week earlier.

Of those, 131 had been hospitalized and 50 died, marking six more deaths and three more hospitalizations since July 23. There were 1,737 recoveries as of Thursday.

Following the inaugural blitz events July 25 and 26 in Nogales, county officials are planning additional testing blitz events on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, Aug. 1 at Rio Rico and Patagonia Union high schools.

Anyone can get tested for free at the events, whether or not they have COVID-19 symptoms.

Terrell previously said that the county has funding for up to 8,400 PCR tests and hopes to double the current number of tests, which stood at nearly 7,600 as of Thursday.

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