These were the numbers regarding COVID-19 in and around Santa Cruz County as of 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 7:

• 40 confirmed cases, up from 33 on Thursday, April 30.

• 32 of the people with confirmed infections had recovered, up from 29 on April 30. There were no confirmed COVID-19 deaths in the county.

• 28 of the total cases were detected in women and 12 in men.

• 23 of the total cases were in people ages 20-44. Another 13 were in people 45-64, three were in people 65 or older and one involved a person 20 or younger.

• 21 of the local cases were mapped to the 85648 (Rio Rico) zip code and 14 to 85621 (Nogales) as of Thursday morning, when there were still only 38 cases reported. The Elgin (85611), Patagonia (85624) and Amado (85645) zip codes had between one and five cases each, though the Amado and Elgin zip codes include areas in Pima and Cochise counties, respectively, as well as Santa Cruz.

• 300 residents of Santa Cruz County had been tested for COVID-19 with definitive results as of Thursday morning, up from 232 on April 30.

• In Nogales, Sonora, there had been 34 confirmed COVID-19 infections and three deaths among the city's residents, according to a Wednesday evening briefing from the state health secretary.

• The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in a community is unlikely to represent the true number of infections, since many people who are infected show no or mild symptoms, and relatively few people are tested for it. Those who are asymptomatic can still transmit the disease, which is why public health officials are urging social distancing even in areas where there are low numbers of confirmed cases.

Sources: Santa Cruz County Health Services Department and Arizona Department of Health Services.

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