Drive-through (copy)

Jabbar Mendivil, a pharmacist at Mariposa Community Health Center, administers a COVID-19 vaccine during a drive-through clinic in Nogales on Feb. 8.

Santa Cruz County has not recorded a new coronavirus-related death in the past month, statistics from the County Health Services Department show.

The local death toll from COVID-19 remained at 180 on Monday, a number that was unchanged since Monday, May 24.

Meanwhile, the number of total confirmed cases among county residents stood at 8,036 on Monday, an increase of 10 cases during the previous week. Hospitalizations were at 568, one week more than a week earlier.

COVID-19 infections, deaths and hospitalizations are not necessarily confirmed during the week, or even the month, that they occur, due to reporting lags.

Data published Monday by the Arizona Department of Health Services showed that 33,519 people had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in Santa Cruz County, and 30,175 people had been fully vaccinated. The county’s U.S. Census-estimated population is 46,498, though only residents 12 and older are currently eligible for the vaccine.

In Nogales, Sonora, there had been 4,800 total confirmed cases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and 514 deaths as of Monday, the Sonora state government reported. Those figures marked one-week increases of 59 cases and four deaths.

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