The Santa Cruz County government released a video that features elected officials speaking in English and Spanish, encouraging local residents to stay home and take COVID-19 seriously.

“Today we’re asking that if you don’t have to leave your house, that you stay at home,” County Attorney George Silva said in the video.

County Supervisors Bruce Bracker and Rudy Molera, as well as Sheriff Antonio Estrada, also appeared in the clip, which was posted to the Nogales-Santa Cruz County Chamber of Commerce’s YouTube channel on Monday, May 25.

The stay-at-home message comes as more and more people are venturing out after Gov. Doug Ducey began lifting restrictions on businesses on May 8 and let his stay-at-home order expire completely on May 15.

The county officials also recommended precautions that have long been advocated by medical professionals: wear face masks, practice social distancing, use sanitizer and wash your hands regularly.

“We’re trying to keep our community safe, we’re trying to keep your family safe,” Bracker said.

“Don’t be in large gatherings,” Estrada added.

The speakers wore face masks in the video, but the masks were not covering their mouths. Silva said that was due to the fact that their voices were too muffled to be heard when they tried speaking with the masks on.

While several speakers mentioned the spread of COVID-19 in general terms, none specifically mentioned the rising number of cases in Santa Cruz County, where confirmed infections jumped from 40 on May 7 to 180 on May 24, according to data from the County Department of Health Services.

There was also no mention of plans by the local government to address the county’s lagging testing rate, which, while rising in recent days, was still the fourth-lowest in the state as of Monday. Meanwhile, the rate of positive test results for local residents has also been rising, giving Santa Cruz County the second-highest positive test rate in Arizona as of Monday.

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