The total number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Santa Cruz County topped 2,000 on Monday, the same day that the state’s total surpassed 100,000.

Data posted by the County Health Services Department on Monday morning showed 2,029 confirmed infections among local residents since the start of the pandemic.

The number of local cases surpassed 1,000 on June 13, when it hit 1,027. That means the county has added 1,002 confirmed infections in the past 23 days – an average of 43.6 cases per day.

According to data published by the Harvard Global Health Institute on Sunday, Santa Cruz County’s per-capita rate of new cases over the previous seven days was the 14th highest among the nation’s 3,100-plus counties.

In terms of total cases, Santa Cruz continues to post the highest per-capita rate among Arizona’s 15 counties, with 4.4 percent of the county’s U.S. Census-estimated 46,498 residents having tested positive since the start of the pandemic. That’s one out of every 22.7 people.

At least 1,202 of the local residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered, according to the county’s statistics. That number had not been updated since Friday, July 3.

The number of local people who have died (26) or been hospitalized (94) due to COVID-19 had also not been updated since July 3, so those numbers were not likely to be accurate as of Monday morning.

Another important metric, the percentage of people who receive positive results on the test for active COVID-19 infections, continues to climb in Santa Cruz County, reaching 28.9 percent as of Monday. That was by far the highest positive test rate in the state, which has an overall rate of 13.4 percent.

Also at the state level, the total number of confirmed cases reached 101,441 on Monday, and state health officials were quick to point out that more than 62,000 of the cases involve people younger than 44. Younger people are generally at lower risk of serious infections and death from the virus.

In Santa Cruz County, 1,140 of the total cases (66 percent) were confirmed in people 44 or younger, and one of the 26 confirmed deaths among local residents involved a patient in that age group.

Another 33 percent of infections and 27 percent of deaths in Santa Cruz County were confirmed in people between the ages of 45 and 64. Eleven percent of infections and 69 percent of deaths were among people 65 or older.

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Arizona was 1,810 as of Monday. The Associated Press reported that the number of statewide hospitalizations on Sunday was 3,212 – a new high – with hospital capacity at around 89 percent in Arizona.

In Nogales, Sonora, there were 1,530 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 130 deaths as of Sunday evening, according to a online video report from State Health Secretary Enrique Clausen Ibarri, who himself tested positive for the virus last week. He delivered Sunday’s report from his home.

A week earlier, there were 1,303 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 104 deaths in Nogales, Sonora.

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