The Nogales City Council will convene next week with an agenda that includes items related to police, infrastructure and payroll, as well as the city’s historic trolley.

Chief of Police Roy Bermudez is set to make a presentation at the Nov. 13 meeting about the department’s planned body camera program. In a previous conversation with the NI, Bermudez said that he hoped to implement the cameras before the end of 2019.

The council will ask Michael Capin, who plans to give a privately owned portion of Bell Road to the city, to provide additional documentation about the private roadway. Bell Road could be connected to Mariposa Road as part of a larger renovation project on State Route 189.

And the meeting agenda includes the text of a resolution that would send a bonus to city employees. The council has flip-flopped on whether to grant employees the second $500 of a $1,000 bonus that was originally budgeted for fiscal year 2019. The plan to pay the second half of the bonus was dropped earlier this year, then revived after union representative Linda Hatfield complained about “union-busting” at the city and asked the council to pay out the full sum.

According to the resolution, the city plans to pay up to $178,000 in payments to all municipal employees.

Also on the agenda: a plan to make the historic city trolley available for use by local nonprofit groups.

Local tour operator Linda Rushton led the push to restore the trolley, which is owned by the city, and used it to ferry several groups around town in free tours, with donations sent to the city.

Rushton and Mayor Arturo Garino sparred over Rushton’s use of the city trolley at a July council meeting. At that time, Garino promised to draw up a policy that would establish rules for outside groups using the trolley.

The council will also discuss plans for annexation, the recruitment of a new city manager and the city’s Stonegarden program, an agreement with the federal government that pays local police to do border enforcement-related patrols.

The meeting begins at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 777 N. Grand Ave., and includes a call to the public at which citizens can address their elected officials.

The council’s last meeting was Oct. 2.

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