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The kitchen at Moqah Coffee and Beyond in Rio Rico, seen here last June, received a grade of "excellent" from the County Health Department following an inspection in December.

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Department reported the following results for its inspections of local food establishments in December.

A score of “excellent” means no critical violations; “satisfactory” means critical violations noted and corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; “needs improvement” means critical violations not corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; and “unacceptable” means gross, unsanitary conditions representing an imminent health hazard.

  • Arizona Magoo mobile unit, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Bada Bing Deli, Tubac: Satisfactory
  • Calabasas School, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Denny's, Nogales: Unacceptable (Dec. 10), Satisfactory (Dec. 10)
  • El Zarape, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Fiesta Market Restaurant, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Fiesta Market, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Holy Cross Hospital Cafeteria, Nogales: Excellent
  • Jack in the Box, 208 N. Grand Ave., Nogales: Satisfactory
  • La Ilusion, Nogales: Excellent
  • Manny's Vaquero Burgers, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Moqah Coffee and Beyond, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Nogales Market No. 2, Baffert Drive: Needs Improvement (Dec. 11), Satisfactory (Dec. 12)
  • Shelby's Bistro, Tubac: Satisfactory
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