Not much is changing when it comes to state Legislative District 2, which includes Santa Cruz County.

Rosanna Gabaldon, Daniel Hernandez and Andrea Dalessandro – all Democrats – are returning to Phoenix, though two of them are swapping jobs.

Hernandez will return to the House for his third term, where Dalessandro will join him after terming out in the Senate. Gabaldon, who was required to leave the House after four terms, enters the Senate.

Unofficial results from the Arizona Secretary of State gave Gabaldon 50,750 votes (61.2 percent) to 32,211 for Republican Mark Workman (38.8 percent) as of Friday. In Santa Cruz County, Gabaldon led with 13,367 votes to 5,617 in results posted at 5 p.m. Thursday.

Those same reports showed Hernandez with 45,126 votes in LD2, followed by Dalessandro with 43,186 and Deborah McEwen, a Republican from Rio Rico, with 32,717. In Santa Cruz County, the breakdown went Hernandez 11,258, Dalessandro 10,361 and McEwen 5,502.

Gabaldon and Dalessandro live in Sahuarita. Hernandez lives in Tucson. The district stretches from south-central Tucson down to Nogales, and includes all of Santa Cruz County, Green Valley, Sahuarita and South Tucson. 

Democrats have dominated the legislative district since the boundaries were redrawn after the 2010 Census; before that, it was dominated by the Republicans when it was LD30. The 2020 Census will bring another boundary change likely before the 2022 vote that will see all three coming up for re-election.

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