The drone is made by ProMark and had a few broken parts, including a missing leg.

A Nogales woman was out gardening earlier this month when she found something unexpected in her backyard: a drone.

Mary Darling, Jr. of Crawford Street said she was “perplexed” to find the small plastic vehicle in a patch of grass on April 3.

“When I turned, I saw it, because it was kind of buried in all of that,” she said, gesturing at an area under a tree where the drone was standing. “I thought that was kind of weird.”

The drone is made of black plastic, has four rotors and a camera attached to the underbody, as well as a Promark brand logo. The company sells several models of consumer drones. The vehicle in Darling’s backyard was missing a leg and has other damage.

Darling said she unplugged the camera and took the drone to her attic.

Now, she’s hoping the owner comes back to collect it.

“Please take it back,” she said. “And do better on your directional guidance because I don’t know why it’s in here!”

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