This conversation between Luis Manuel Flores and County Assessor Felipe Fuentes (identified here as Public Official 1) reportedly took place on June 21, 2019. That was during the period that federal investigators were authorized to tap Fuentes' phone.

Federal authorities have revealed one of the methods they used to gather evidence in an ongoing public corruption investigation in Santa Cruz County: court-ordered wiretaps of phones belonging to former County Assessor Felipe Fuentes and local business consultant Luis Manuel Flores.

In a July 15 letter to a citizen whose calls to Fuentes were apparently recorded incidentally as part of the probe, the U.S. Attorney’s Office included a previously sealed notice advising the recipient that a federal judge had authorized a wire tap on two phone numbers in 2019. The notice doesn’t identify the owners of the phones, but one number matches Fuentes’ cellphone and the other is that of Flores’ Nogales-based business.

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