Kino Springs

The Kino Springs Golf Course remained closed as of Nov. 27.

The Kino Springs Golf Course remains closed due to construction of a new well on the property, according to owner Art Martori, and it’s not clear when the course will reopen.

The new well is part of a deal that the golf course and the city reached earlier this year to settle claims related to water overcharges dating back decades.

The deal will give the golf course about $200,000 of free water and allows the owners to construct the new well in order to pump raw water, which it will buy from the city at a much cheaper rate than the irrigation water it had previously used.

At the time of the settlement, Martori said that the course was expected to open in October. It had closed in June for the summer.

However, speaking on Monday, he said that the course wouldn’t open until the well was finished and he wasn’t sure when that would be.

“It all depends on what we run into. I don’t want to tell you it’s going to be three weeks, a month, two months,” he said.

In late August, a maintenance crew working at the course uncovered ancient human remains that had been buried in the area, but Martori said that work was unrelated to the well.

The extended closure isn’t sitting well with everyone; the NI learned about this story when a local golfer wrote to ask about the fate of the course. The man said he was hoping the course would reopen.

Asked if the extended closure could drive people away from the course, Martori said that the golf course is part of a larger plan to attract new occupants to the nearby Kino Springs residential development.

“As we do our development, we’ll increase people living in the area and that will give us more golfers,” he said. “It’s a long-term view of things.”

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