People cool off at Peña Blanca Lake on Sunday, July 26.

The local area experienced its hottest July in at least 20 years last month, National Weather Service data shows.

The average daily high temperature at the Nogales International Airport, where the NWS takes its local readings, was 99.2 degrees, well above the normal daily high of 93.5.

That was the highest July average in the 20 years for which NWS data is available from the airport.

The temperature reached triple digits at the airport on 17 days last month, more times than any other July on record, with the hottest days coming on July 12 (110 degrees), July 30 (107), and July 11, 29 and 31 (105).

In all, there were new high temperature records set on seven different days, including the last four days of the month.

NWS data also shows relatively little rainfall in July, which normally helps to mitigate the high temperatures during monsoon season. A total of 1.72 inches of precipitation was measured at the airport last month, with 0.7 inches coming on the evening of July 31.

Last year also saw light precipitation in July, with only 1.2 inches recorded. More than 4 inches of rainfall fell at the airport in July 2018 and 7.3 inches were recorded there in 2017.

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