The fence-construction effort advances east of Nogales on Nov. 26.

Contractors continue to race along the U.S.-Mexico border installing tall bollard fence in the final weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency. But work in the local area probably won’t be finished when Trump’s term expires early next year, according to a timeline provided by a government spokesman.

A spokesman for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers told the NI that fence installation for Tucson Package 3 (also referred to as the Tucson 10/28 project) began this June and is estimated to finish in summer 2021. The project covers 42.5 miles of border near Sasabe and Nogales.

That means there will probably be work left to do when President-elect Joe Biden – who has said that no new wall will go up during his administration – takes office on Jan. 20, 2021.

It’s not clear what sections of fencing will be finished – or still incomplete – by January.

“We don’t track completion dates for the individual segments under this large project,” the spokesman wrote in an email on Wednesday.

What’s more, work crews are cutting (and sometimes blasting) their way through remote stretches of desert in preparation for wall installation. That raises the possibility that crews could be, in some instances, clearing ground for a wall that will never go up.

The NI reported in Tuesday’s edition that border wall construction had recently begun in the wilderness west of Nogales. At the time of publication, the Army Corps spokesman had not responded to a request for details on the project’s timeline.

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