Wade Carpenter Middle School in Nogales

Wade Carpenter Middle School was briefly put on lockdown Thursday morning after a student reported hearing vague information about a threat to the school, authorities said.

According to Fernando Parra, superintendent of the Nogales Unified School District, the reporting student said they had heard about a possible threat to the school, but did not know who had made it or what they threatened to do.

“We did go into a lockdown at the school, searched all the backpacks and all the classrooms, together with the Nogales Police Department,” Parra said.

Once the threat was deemed non-credible, he said, the lockdown was lifted. Speaking shortly after 11 a.m., Parra said the district was preparing to send a notice to parents informing them of what happened (see sidebar).

Nogales police initially reported the threat in a news release issued shortly after 10 a.m.

“The Nogales Police Department wants to ensure the public that students and school staff were never in danger,” it said.

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