Adair C. Lujan

Adair C. Lujan

A Nogales man was sentenced to 4.5 years in state prison after engaging in what a county prosecutor called a “spree” of felonies earlier this year.

Adair Constantino Lujan, 23, pleaded guilty to three felony charges during a hearing Monday in Santa Cruz County Superior Court. Judge Thomas Fink accepted the plea agreement between Lujan and the County Attorney’s Office and sentenced him to three years in prison for transporting marijuana for sale, and 2.5 years for weapons misconduct.

Those two sentences will be served concurrently, but a third sentence of 1.5 years for criminal trespass in the third degree will be served consecutively, for a total of 4.5 years in prison. Fink gave Lujan credit for 227 days already served.

On Jan. 22, Lujan was arrested for weapons misconduct and again on March 7 for transporting marijuana for sale.

According to court records, Lujan and co-defendant Michael Estrada were arrested in the latter case after they were caught on the Patagonia Highway while hauling 279 pounds of marijuana in a pickup truck. The pot had been hidden in hollowed-out logs. On Sept. 2, Fink sentenced Estrada to three years in prison for the offense.

The trespass charge against Lujan stemmed from an incident on Feb. 2 in which he broke down the door of his girlfriend’s residence.

“She was so frightened she actually locked herself in the bathroom upstairs,” said Deputy County Attorney Kimberly Hunley, adding police officers described her as “scared, out of breath, and distraught.” Three children were also present, Hunley said.

Lujan’s mother and sister spoke on his behalf, saying he plays the role of father to his sisters, works, and goes to church.

Defense attorney Charles Thomas told Fink he sees “a lot of potential in this young man,” noting Lujan has a good work history and is “not lazy.” In addition, Lujan surrendered without incident on each of the arrests and did not hit his girlfriend during the break-in.

“He just had a really bad run at the beginning of the year,” Thomas said.

Lujan also got into trouble in April 2013 when he was arrested on charges of failure to stop/provide ID, failure to stop after an accident, and assault following a chase near Patagonia Lake.

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