Nogales, Sonora airport

An Aéreo Servicio Guerrero passenger plane is seen here parked on the runway at the Nogales, Sonora airport.

The Nogales, Sonora airport will offer direct commercial flights to Hermosillo beginning Aug. 1, according to municipal officials.

In a news release dated June 27, the Nogales, Sonora municipal government said the new service will be offered by the Mexican airline Aéreo Servicio Guerrero, based in Guerrero Negro, Baja California.

Aéreo Servicio Guerrero will use Cessna airplanes with a 13-passenger capacity, the news release said.

The one-hour flights will be offered at 11 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, with prices at 1,650 and 1,860 Mexican pesos ($86 and $97). Passengers will be allowed to carry on one personal item weighing up to 3 kilograms (6.61 pounds), and 15 kilograms (33 pounds) in checked luggage.

The news release did not provide information on flights from Hermosillo to Nogales, nor does the Aéreo Servicio Guerrero website at However, Sonoran media reported that flights for Nogales will depart Hermosillo at 9 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays.

Mayor Jesús Antonio Pujol Irastorza was quoted in the news release as saying the new flights will serve as a “detonator” for the local economy, helping to bring new investments and tourism.

In February, Pujol Irastorza said that while commercial flights out of Nogales were to begin with a direct route to Hermosillo, the city’s goal was to eventually offer air travel to several destinations.

The Mexican airline Aeromexico had previously offered commercial flights from the Nogales, Sonora airport, but discontinued the service in 2008 after failing to attract enough business.

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