Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center (copy)

Members of the Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center prepare chicken wings for dinner in this photo from June. The center's kitchen received a grade of "excellent" on its health inspection by the county last month.

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Department reported the following results for its inspections of local food establishments in November.

A score of “excellent” means no critical violations; “satisfactory” means critical violations noted and corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; “needs improvement” means critical violations not corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; and “unacceptable” means gross, unsanitary conditions representing an imminent health hazard.

  • Agua Rica Water Store, Nogales: Excellent
  • Arizona Magoo Food Truck, Rio Rico: Unacceptable (Nov. 25), Needs Improvement (Nov. 26)
  • Circle K, Patagonia Road, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Coatimundi Middle School, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Copper Brothel Brewery, Sonoita: Excellent
  • Coronado Elementary School, Nogales: Excellent
  • El Mercado, Tubac: Excellent
  • El Sabroso Restaurant, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Exquisito Restaurant, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Mountain View RV Ranch, Amado: Excellent
  • Our Lady of the Angels Church, Sonoita: Excellent
  • Ovens of Patagonia: Excellent
  • Patagonia Youth Enrichment Center: Excellent
  • Pizza Hut, Nogales: Excellent
  • Pizzapollis, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Sacred Heart School, Nogales: Excellent
  • Sacred Treasures, Tubac: Excellent
  • Safeway, Nogales: Excellent
  • Scotty’s, Nogales: Excellent
  • St. Therese of Lisieux Parish, Patagonia: Excellent
  • Starbucks (Safeway), Nogales: Excellent
  • Tubac Golf Resort Gift Shop: Excellent
  • Villa's Market No. 1, Ocean Garden Drive, Nogales: Satisfactory (Nov. 12), Excellent (Nov. 12)
  • Zula's Restaurant, Nogales: Satisfactory
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