Maricruz Merino

Maricruz Merino stirs a pot of split pea soup at the Santa Cruz Council on Aging kitchen in Nogales in this file photo from 2017. The kitchen earned a rating of “excellent” from the County Health Department last month.

The Santa Cruz County Health Services Department reported the following results for its inspections of local food establishments in October.

A score of “excellent” means no critical violations; “satisfactory” means critical violations noted and corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; “needs improvement” means critical violations not corrected prior to the completion of the inspection; and “unacceptable” means gross, unsanitary conditions representing an imminent health hazard.

  • Amado Territory B&B: Excellent
  • Angelina’s Mexican Food, Nogales: Excellent
  • Cele's Hot Dogs Y Mas, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Cindy's Italian Icees, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Circle Z Ranch, Patagonia: Satisfactory
  • City Salads, Nogales: Needs Improvement (Oct. 8), Satisfactory (Oct. 9)
  • Club 123 Nutrition, Rio Rico: Satisfactory (pre-opening inspection)
  • Colegio Petite, Nogales: Excellent
  • El Sabroso, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Exquisito Restaurant, Nogales: Needs Improvement
  • Family Dollar, Grand Ave., Nogales: Excellent
  • Family Dollar, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Food City Deli, Nogales: Excellent
  • Food City, Nogales: Excellent
  • Gariola Coffee & Deli, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Garrett's Supermarket Deli, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Habanero's, Tubac: Satisfactory
  • Hendrix, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Hua Mei Restaurant, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Joe's Place, Rio Rico: Needs Improvement (Oct. 21), Satisfactory (Oct. 28)
  • Kaat Mini Mart, Sonoita: Excellent
  • La Reno to Go, Nogales: Satisfactory
  • Manny's Cowboy Burgers, Rio Rico: Satisfactory
  • Nigatsu Sushi, Nogales: Excellent
  • Nogales High School Kitchen: Satisfactory
  • Nogales High School Stadium Snack Bar: Excellent
  • Patagonia Health & Fitness: Excellent
  • Safeway Bakery, Nogales: Excellent
  • Santa Cruz Council on Aging, Nogales: Excellent
  • Sonoita Mercantile: Satisfactory
  • Sonoita-Elgin Fire District Kitchen: Excellent
  • Starbucks Coffee, Nogales: Excellent
  • Subway, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Tacos y Tarros: Nogales: Satisfactory
  • The Goods, Tubac: Satisfactory
  • Villa's Market No. 2, Mesa Verde, Nogales: Satisfactory (Oct. 4), Excellent (Oct. 4)
  • Wagon Wheel Saloon, Patagonia: Satisfactory
  • Wendy's, Pilot Travel Center, Rio Rico: Excellent
  • Wisdom's Cafe, Tumacacori: Excellent
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