From left: NPD Cpl. Andres Palafox and Officers Carlos Montoya and Jeremy Brinton share a moment with Darian Amador following his birth at Holy Cross Hospital on Sunday.

A Nogales woman gave birth this week after receiving help from a few unwitting responders.

Darian Amador was born Sunday after Nogales Police Department officers responded to a cryptic emergency call and found his mother, Darlene Amador, in labor. The officers called the Nogales Fire Department and an ambulance transported her to Holy Cross Hospital in time to complete the delivery.

“It’s not every day, you know, we run into this situation,” NPD spokesman Oscar Mesta quipped, adding that he was happy the department was able to help out.

Speaking to the NI from the hospital on Monday, Amador sounded exhausted, but said she had a simple message for the personnel who responded to the call on Sunday morning: “Muchas gracias.”

Amador said it was her father who had made the call, which NPD received at 9:52 a.m on Dec. 29. The dispatcher who picked up could hear raised voices, Mesta said, but couldn’t make out what was happening, so NPD sent officers to a location on Kitchen Street that dispatch gleaned from the cell phone.

When NPD officers arrived, they found that Amador had begun giving birth.

The officers called NFD to the scene, and Amador was rushed to the hospital, where she delivered the baby via Cesarian section.

The officers who responded – NPD Cpl. Andres Palafox and Officers Carlos Montoya and Jeremy Brinton – dropped by the hospital later that day to check in on the mother and child.

That’s when they posed for a photo with baby Darian, which Mesta uploaded to the department’s Facebook page on Monday.

He said he wasn’t aware of another instance in which the department had responded to a similar call.

“Being a law enforcement officer, we’re always out here seeing the bad in things. You know, we arrest people, we’re trying to protect people,” Mesta said. “It’s really rare when you go to a scene and you see a birth of a child happening!”

In another case from recent memory in which law enforcement officers aided in a childbirth in Nogales, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers, assisted by a local business owner who also happened to be a licensed physician in Mexico, helped a 19-year-old U.S. citizen deliver a baby boy at the Morley Avenue pedestrian border crossing in October 2012.

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