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An effort to recycle cardboard in Nogales did not get far, according to a representative from Tucson Recycling and Waste who spoke to the mayor and council on June 5.

In February, Kurt Wahl of Tucson Recycling and Waste told the council that the vast majority of recyclables collected in the city end up in a landfill.

The company is contracted by the city to process and transfer trash and recycling.

The only material that does get recycled, Wahl said, is metal, which accounts for less than five percent of all recyclable material collected.

At the same meeting, a representative from California Recycling stated that that company could purchase loads of clean cardboard for $20-30 per ton for resale to local manufacturers.

Wahl told the NI afterwards that he would reach out to California Recycling.

However, at the council’s June 5 meeting, another representative from Tucson Recycling and Waste said that he had tried unsuccessfully to deliver 20 bales of cardboard to the California Recycling.

“We worked with the city to deliver it to (California Recycling). I offered it to them in bales and they said they couldn’t take it. And now they’re saying they can’t take any more, period,” he said.


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