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A member of the military who had been deployed to the local border was found dead in a remote area of Santa Cruz County after he apparently took his own life, Sheriff Antonio Estrada said.

In a story that was widely circulated over the weekend, The Associated Press reported that the man, who was found dead on Saturday, June 1, was assigned to the Southwest Border Support Mission from the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo. The story, based on information provided by officials at the base, did not cite a cause of death but said it did not appear to involve foul play.

“There was a call about the soldier, apparently he was assisting Border Patrol, and apparently he committed suicide,” Estrada told the NI on Monday. “He left a suicide note, so there’s no foul play suspected that we know about.”

According to a sheriff’s dispatch call received at 1:47 a.m. on June, someone from the Border Patrol reported a dead body near Warsaw Canyon and Japanese Valley in the National Forest wilderness south of Ruby.

“I think it was immediately discovered by Border Patrol. It wasn’t like he was reported missing or unaccounted for. It seems like it happened on that shift,” Estrada said.


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