From Oct. 20 to 28, seven cars were reported stolen in the city, according to Nogales Police Department Cpl. Oscar Mesta.

That’s the highest number of vehicle theft reports in such a short time period in the past two years, according to NPD data.

Mesta said that five of the reports stated that vehicles were stolen from private parking lots near the DeConcini Port of Entry.

He said some parking lots in that area don’t have security guards and added that vehicles stolen in Nogales, Ariz. are often driven to Mexico.

Another vehicle was reportedly stolen from the Food City Plaza and another from in front of the city’s public works building on Hohokam Drive.

An eighth vehicle was reported stolen on Oct. 21, but Mesta said that incident was likely a “civil issue.”

He said that the department did not have any suspects in custody and wasn’t aware of any connection among the incidents.

The total of 11 reported vehicle thefts (including the one that Mesta said was probably a “civil issue”) is the highest monthly total since June 2018, when the department had 12 such reports.

Department stats don’t show an uptick in burglaries or other thefts in October 2019.

Mesta said that drivers should keep their cars safe by trying to park in well-lit areas monitored by security guards.

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