August weather

A lightning bolt comes down on Ambos Nogales on the early evening of Aug. 28.

The local area experienced its second-straight cooler-than-normal summer month in August, when the average daily high was 90.6 degrees at the Nogales International Airport.

That was below the normal August daily high of 92.4 at the airport, according to data from the National Weather Service in Tucson.

It was also significantly cooler than August 2020, when the average daily high was 98.9, marking the hottest August at the airport since the NWS began reporting weather data there in 2000.

In another big change, the temperature never reached 100 degrees at the airport in August 2021, and there hasn’t been a triple-digit temperature recorded there since July 10. In August 2020, the mercury reached 100 degrees or more on 20 days, including every day for a 13-day stretch from Aug. 8-20.

This August, the area saw a streak of 12-straight days of high temperatures in the 80s beginning Aug. 9.

The coolest high temperature of the month came on Aug. 31, when the mercury topped out at only 80. The hottest day was Aug. 4, when the high reached 99.

The average daily low at the airport last month was 65.3, slightly below the norm of 65.6.

July 2021 was also cooler than usual, with an average daily high of 90.2 degrees at the airport – a full 4 degrees below normal.

But while July’s heat was mitigated by heavier-than-normal rainfall, which included 8 or more inches of precipitation during the month in many areas of Santa Cruz County, August 2021 was a more typical August in terms of rain.

The NWS measured 3.48 inches of precipitation last month at the airport, where 3.44 inches of rain have fallen on average in August since 2000.

In other areas of Santa Cruz County, rain gauges showed 3.9 inches during August at the Nogales Wash on Hohokam Drive, 3.55 inches at Palo Parado in Rio Rico and 4.17 inches in Patagonia.

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