The former assistant principal of Nogales High School started a new job as the city’s Parks and Recreation Department director this week.

Renee Travers was appointed to the position and the move was approved by the Nogales City Council at a meeting earlier this month. She takes over from Marcel Bachelier, who retired in May after two decades in the position.

Travers worked for years in public education in Santa Cruz County, serving as principal at Peña Blanca Elementary School before moving into the assistant principal job at NHS in 2013. (Peña Blanca merged with Calabasas Middle School in 2015 to form the Calabasas K-8 school.)

Travers starts her new position at the city at an annual salary of $89,000, which is 24-percent higher than Bachelier’s salary at his retirement.

In a phone conversation, Mayor Arturo Garino said he believed that the higher salary was due to adjustments in employee salaries corresponding to a compensation study that sought to bring City of Nogales employee salaries in line with salaries for equivalent jobs at nearby local government bodies.

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