Molly Anderson of Sonoita snapped this photo of the funnel cloud from her driveway.

A funnel cloud seen in the sky over Sonoita on Wednesday evening “appears to be what we call a tropical funnel,” said Ken Drozd, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Tucson.

Tropical funnels “form in a moist environment (which we certainly had in place), when there is just enough ‘spin’ in the atmosphere to generate a funnel,” he wrote in an email, adding that they usually only last for a few minutes and very rarely reach the ground.

Drozd also noted that while there was a shower in the Sonoita area at the time, there was no “supercell” thunderstorm – “the type of storm that typically produces funnel clouds which make their way to the ground, thus becoming a tornado.”

One person recorded a video of the funnel cloud over Sonoita and posted it here.

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