My name is Jack Scholnick, my wife’s name is Maria Scholnick, and we run the Santa Cruz Love Connection. I am writing this to ask for your support for Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35’s maintenance and operations override.

Our school system is in dire straits financially, as they have been cut down with federal and state funding. We need to support this override so that our children can continue to have the best education possible! 

Our district is the best in Santa Cruz County. District No. 35 has the best staff to run the school and to teach our children who attend District No. 35. Without funding, certain things may have to be cut back on— after school programs, new books in the library, essential employees, grounds keepers, sports programs, replacing broken furniture and old books in the classrooms, air conditioning, computers, etc.

We need to make sure that the vital needs of the children stay in place to help our children grow mentally and physically and be able to get the best education possible! Please join us in making this possible, by voting in favor of the override.

It would not be cost prohibitive, to any of us, but it would become an asset to all of us in the future, as a good education will help our children in the near future, and provide a good job upon graduation or allow them an opportunity to go to college, making this override a win-win situation. So chip in your nickels and dimes to help all the children of District No. 35.

Jack Scholnick

Rio Rico

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