I am baffled sometimes by readers’ reactions to even the most innocuous of content in our newspapers.

Earlier this month, we published in the NI an op-ed that I wrote about the passing of a respected local businessman (“Rare cancer fells vibrant auto dealer, Bill Swoger” Jan. 3).

I realized that his death was not common knowledge within the community. The family preferred to be low key but requested donations in his memory to the American Cancer Society. I thought it would be a good idea to plug this kind gesture in my piece.

I personalized the op-ed because, after all, this was my tribute to a man I worked with, enjoyed and respected. Naturally, then, I referred to some interactions and commonalities that I thought might help highlight his good character. A reader who took offense actually spent time and effort to email me, listing “3 strikes” in reference to these personal connections.

At least we know she reads the NI!

Speaking of reading, the Nogales International has more readership than it ever did as a print-only publication. In 2019, our website generated 2.14 million impressions and nearly 600,000 unique visits.

We went to a paywall in February 2019 and our unique visitor count decreased by just 8 percent. The average in the industry is at least 20 percent. Thank you all for your continued support of local journalism.

(Coppola is publisher of the Nogales International.)

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