The price of the Nogales International increased today to $1.50 from $1 at newsstands and our other distribution outlets.

It’s not a pleasant decision to raise prices during difficult economic times. But this was a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic impact it’s had on our finances.

When our advertising revenue dropped precipitously last month, we responded by eliminating all discretionary spending and slashing payroll. Hourly staff had their hours reduced from 40 to 32 per week, while salaried staff took 20-percent pay cuts.

But cuts aren’t enough, and the cost of producing a print newspaper are significant.

The good news for readers is that our subscription rates remain unchanged. That’s nearly a 30-percent savings compared to the new single-copy rate.

Our digital subscriptions are just $1.29 per week, and feature regular updates and breaking news as well as other digital-only content such as photo galleries and an E-edition, which is the exact replica of the printed edition.

The real bargain, though is the exceptional work of our editorial team who, even with fewer hours and less pay, have never worked harder to keep readers abreast of the coronavirus’ impact on our community while still covering their regular beats.

We are working furiously to maintain the sustainability of our newspaper while simultaneously providing quality journalism. We ask for your understanding as we, like many other local businesses, have to make difficult moves in order to survive.

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