It’s late. You’re already in bed. The lights are out, except for the light of the moon. The beams shining through the mesquite branches cast eerie shadows on your walls. The wind blows and the shadows move. You jump out of bed, run over to the window and shut your curtains. Then you rush bac…

Friday, October 04, 2019

My husband Tom and I worked for the Nogales Unified School district for 17 years, from 1974 to 1991. Throughout those years we were blessed with many wonderful students and friendships.

Friday, September 20, 2019

September is Hunger Action Month – a month where people all over America stand together to take action on the hunger crisis and dedicate ourselves to a solution. Your voice matters a…

Friday, August 02, 2019
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The refinery, the polluting factory, swallows Earth’s natural minerals, spews out toxic gas and poisonous urine from its orifices to produce millions of useful shiny products that wi…

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